Morning Coffee: When Disappointment Strikes

winterLife doesn’t always go the way we want it to, despite all our best laid plans and wishes. Sometimes life disappoints. This week I received my third rejection for my novel, “Mary Bishop”. They’ve all been encouraging; they’ve all spoken highly of my writing skills and research. The general consensus seems to be that it reads more like women’s or historical fiction with romantic overtones than a true “romance”. That’s all right. They’re not saying it’s a bad manuscript, just that I haven’t yet picked the perfect publishing fit. So, I have sent it out again. And after this, if necessary, I will send it out yet again. I will continue to resubmit it until I do find that perfect publishing house for me. It’s out there.

I suppose I could throw up my hands and cry, “Three strikes, you’re out!” I could carry on about what a horrible writer I am and wonder aloud to the heavens whatever gave me the idea I could write a book. I could toss the manuscript in a drawer or box somewhere; I could get really upset and destroy it. I could even decree the problem is with editors who don’t know a good read when they have one. Why don’t I do one or all of these things? Because writing is my passion. I’ve wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. Not just write a book, but publish one. I believe!

We’ve been seeing a lot in the news over the last few months about young people (mostly, but not entirely) who have never been taught how to accept disappointment, who have never learned what it feels like to fail and then have to pick themselves up again. That’s too bad because at some point things won’t go their way. They may not get into their first choice college and they might have to take a class over because they just didn’t quite catch on the first time. They will have to start at the bottom of the ladder at their first job. It may be years before they can buy their first home, let alone the home they’ve been dreaming of. Few young lawyers win their first court case and none make partner without long hours over many years of practice. Doctors, even experienced ones, occasionally lose a patient.

You know where I’m headed with this. When life takes you back a step, don’t flop down and cry. Don’t give up. Pick yourself up and find a new path to your goal. That’s what I’m doing. I know the day will come when I can announce a release date for “Mary Bishop”.

Here’s to 2017! A new year with unlimited new paths.

2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: When Disappointment Strikes

  1. You have a wonderful passion for writing and I so admire you for Not giving up. I just know that soon the right publisher will come through Jane! ❤

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