Mary knew the moment they met, Earl Bishop would be the love of her life. Together they survived the Civil War and the loss of their children, only to face a much greater danger from the people of one small northern town. When Earl dies, Mary is left alone to continue the fight against those who would harm her. Can she trust local shop owner, Oliver Polk, when he offers his help, and his heart! Just when all appears lost, an old friend returns to help Mary overcome her grief and learn how to love again.

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It’s 1918, and Alice, Betty, and Lizzie have been best friends for as long as they can remember. But everything changes when one goes on a campaign to lure away the fiancé of another. How can they remain friends when one betrays another?

Harry Barnes returns from France with half his face damaged and his nights haunted by the friends he lost on the battlefield. How can anyone love the monster he has become?

Alice Armstrong wanted nothing more than to be Harry’s wife. But when he returns from the Front wounded and angry, he repeatedly pushes her away. How can she convince him their love is all that matters?

Harry’s brother Jack has secretly loved Alice since they were children. When Harry is caught spending time with Betty, Jack sees his chance and declares his love. How can he make Alice see that he’s the one who can make her truly happy?

When one brother offers the dreams of the past, while the other promises all the possibilities of the future, how does a girl choose?

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