Morning Coffee: Magic

Disney. A name synonymous with wonder, magic, and imagination. Disney. A place that promises “When you wish upon a star / Makes no difference who you are / Anything your heart desires / Will come to you … When you wish upon a star / Your dreams come true.”

Disney. A magical world where little girls dress like princesses, no matter how hot the weather. Disney. A time machine where grown women forget about their jobs, don mouse ears, and join their girlfriends for a day transported back to their childhood.

Isn’t that the goal of all writers? Walt Disney does not hold the rights to creativity. (Neither does Steven Spielberg, for that matter.) They’re just showing us how to achieve it, which path to follow; the path of hard work and perseverance. The path of “Believe” and it will happen. Every day when we sit at our keyboards we have the chance to create new worlds, characters that will capture the imagination of our readers.

Do you wish upon a star? Does your heart desire the dream? Then go for it because when you wish upon a star your dreams come true. Walt Disney said so.

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