Morning Coffee: Being Thankful

blessing journalThese are tough time to be thankful. A pandemic brought down our economy and took our employment numbers to new lows. Many fell ill and many died. Legal justice protests have been hijacked by opportunists looking to riot, loot, and burn. Watching the television brings new word and visuals of violence every day. It’s no wonder depression and anxiety are on the rise.

There are a number of ways to help keep the sadness and fear at a distance. First, turn off the television. Limit yourself to just enough time to see if there’s anything new you need to know, maybe check the weather forecast, but don’t get drawn into hour after hour of video and dire warnings. Instead, read a book. Second, prayer. We need it now more than ever. No matter your religious beliefs, pray for our leaders, for our police, for our citizens.

Then there’s a third way. Every day think of one thing that you are thankful for, one blessing in your life. Write it down in a journal, or on a small slip of paper to put in your “blessing jar”. On those days when you feel like there’s no hope, remind yourself of one thing that makes you happy, makes your day shine a little brighter. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, look back. There’s no expiration date on a blessing.

In this difficult year, I’ve had two big blessings in my life. My daughter is marrying a wonderful guy next year. We’ll be gaining not only a new son-in-law, but a sweet step-granddaughter. And our son and his wife are giving us a grandson in December. Prayers answered to hold close to our heart. Happy memories to look forward to.

This week, a friend gave me a belated birthday present of a blank book to write my blessings in. While I have a separate journal for my thoughts, I will take this opportunity to have a place where I list a daily blessing . . . starting with good friends.

3 thoughts on “Morning Coffee: Being Thankful

  1. I totally agree…tough times call for taking the time to count our blessings. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the bad things of this world that we forget to take a look at the good. It was nice chatting with you on the phone this week. Have a great weekend!


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