Morning Coffee: Book Signings in the Age of COVID

blessing journalWhen I was ready to put “Mary Bishop” out for the world to see and enjoy, one thing I was really looking forward to was book signing events. Both the big ones where many authors get together, and the small hometown ones where only a few authors, perhaps only one, are showcased. Unfortunately, my release date fell very close on the heels of the COVID19 pandemic. One event after another was first postponed, and then cancelled, as it became clear this virus wasn’t going to have a fast and brief pass through. This was particularly hard on debut authors like myself, writers who don’t yet have a large fanbase.

My friends and I recently put our heads together and came up with a great way to hold a book signing while continuing to practice safe social distancing. We had it outside, in my front yard, offering both drive up and walk up options. Masks were encouraged and there was plenty of room to spread out.

DSCN2588It proved to be a perfect evening with wonderful weather and lots of friends and neighbors stopping by. I even sold out and had to start a list for delivery once my new order arrives. I wore the outfit I wore on the book cover and displayed my father’s working replica of the 1860 Army Colt featured in the story. Lemonade and individual water bottles were available for refreshment.

DSCN2596If there’s one positive thing that comes out of crazy, trying, times like these, it’s the ingenuity displayed finding a new way to go forward in life. Restaurants never equipped in the past for take-out or curbside pick-up altered their menus to keep business going . . . albeit under a much smaller model. Distilleries converted to making hand sanitizer. Car manufacturers switched to making ventilators. The most difficult transition has been how to educate our children. That’s still in the trial and error stage.

The human brain is pliable, inventive, ever-learning. When we can keep our spirits lifted, our potential is never-ending.


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