Morning Coffee: New Release!

It’s an exciting day. Book three of The Pine Lake Girls, “Lizzie: The Home Coming”, is now available in both ebook and paperback on Amazon! Order your copy now and learn the answers to all your questions from Book one, “Alice: The Betrayal”, and Book two, “Betty: The Rebel”.

It’s 1919, and one friend’s betrayal has put all three Pine Lake Girls in danger.

Lizzie Finley is overjoyed with the arrival of her newly adopted daughter, but she’s terrified of a secret she’s learned from her mother’s past. A secret she fears will ruin her future if discovered by her friends and neighbors.

Alice Barnes has started a new life with Harry’s brother, Jack. Married and carrying his child, Alice’s future is bright, but the shadow of Betty’s betrayal still haunts her past.

When Betty Barnes returns to Pine Lake, forced to flee Minneapolis and her husband Harry’s murderous rage, she turns to the only two people she feels she can trust to protect her and her unborn child.

Is this the opportunity Lizzie’s been searching for to heal the rift between her two best friends? Can Alice ever forgive Betty? Or is it truly the end of the Pine Lake Girls, friends forever?


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