Morning Coffee: Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”

SummerYou remember that little ditty we all sang as children. Ice cream, who doesn’t love it! I always felt bad for the kids who couldn’t have it because of milk allergies. I don’t know what I’d do without the occasional ice cream, whether it’s a blizzard from the local dairy queen or a simple scoop of vanilla from our freezer, sometimes there’s nothing else that will satisfy.

July 16th was National Ice Cream Day! Who knew? I didn’t until I saw it on the morning news. But why not when there’s a national day for everything. And there’s nothing more deserving than ice cream for such an honor.

Everyone always asks favorite flavor. I don’t have one particular favorite. It depends on my mood, and the type of ice cream. If I’m in a sorbet or gelato mood I’m more likely to go with something fruity, both domestic and tropical flavors. But if it’s our traditional ice cream, then I tend to lean more toward the chocolates, peanut butter, mint, any combination thereof. I’m generally game for just about any flavor. At home I like to add a generous pour of liqueur on top. No whipped cream, thank you, but a maraschino cherry or two is always welcome; perhaps some sprinkles or nuts to top it off. Only a waffle cone will do. Those cardboard-tasting cones of our childhood don’t make the grade for me. Never did. As for other frozen ice cream treats, ice cream bars are a poor relation in my book, but will suffice in a pinch. I’ve always loved, loved, loved an ice cream sandwich. Maybe that’s because it combines ice cream with another favorite of mine, the cakey-textured cookie.

My hubby and I like to head down to Valley Sweets here in St Croix Falls when we’re in the mood for an ice cream treat. From there we can take our ice cream and walk over to the river overlook to enjoy on a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon. If you’re ever in the area, you should check them out. Located on the river side of Washington Street (the main street) you can’t miss their brightly colored store front. Wonderful ice creams, waffle cones made fresh daily, and old-fashioned candies. The owners and staff are always friendly and happy to serve. This afternoon my husband got his usual black cherry while I tried the new carrot mango sorbet in, of course, a waffle cone. It was fantastic!! I will definitely have that one again.

If you’re interested in the history of everyone’s favorite summer treat, check out:

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