Morning Coffee: Satisfaction

SummerAs the Rolling Stones say, we just can’t get no satisfaction. In the heart of winter we can’t wait for summer, but when the heat of summer hits we start talking about winter. Have you noticed on Facebook there are constant reminders about how many days until Christmas? It starts December 26th. Recently I had a photo post of cars half buried in snow and assuring readers that this was only 17 weeks away…as if that’s a good thing!! Then when winter arrives, we’re going to barraged with photos of beaches saying just X number of weeks until summer. No matter what we have, we always want something different.

I admit I’m as guilty as the next person. Not of wishing for Christmas, snow, or frigid temperatures in the middle of July, but of looking to the other side of the fence and wishing I was there. For one thing, when my children were small and running me ragged, fighting with each other night and day, I wished they would grow up faster. Now that they’re adults and live far away, I wish they were small again and able to sit in my lap for a cuddle.

You might envy the friend with the new pet, new car, new house, or new job. But if you really stopped to think about it, if you had that thing would you wish you didn’t? That dog needs shots, walking, house-training. Having a new car might mean suddenly having car payments you don’t currently have with your still reliable old car. A new house means having to pack, move, and unpack. A new job…well, it could prove to be one of those jobs that are actually worse than your current job.

We get so caught up envying our neighbor we fail to see our own blessings. Maybe by continuing to drive your old reliable car that’s paid for you can save enough money to go on the vacation your friend with the new car no longer can afford. Sometimes that person we envy might actually envy us.

For example, I wish I were thinner but I have a friend who is too thin and actually struggles to gain weight. She doesn’t like to hear about the 5-10 extra pounds someone else wants to lose. If only she could put on 10 pounds and keep it on maybe her doctor would stop lecturing her. Maybe you wish you had that exciting high-powered job instead of being just an assistant, while your high-powered boss wishes she were you so she could have time to go out for drinks with her girlfriends…or maybe wishes she had the time to HAVE girlfriends.

So the next time you wish you were someone else, or had all the things someone else has, stop and look at all you DO have. Even if the only blessing you can think of is your health, remember, there are a lot of people who can’t even say that.

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