Morning Coffee: A New Release

It’s always exciting when a new release is announced. “Betty: The Rebel (The Pine Lake Girls Book Two)” is available in paperback from Amazon, and ebook from various online stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple. See the full list at:

It’s 1919, and Betty Young has always loved Harry Barnes, but he was engaged to marry Alice Armstrong, her best friend. Bound and determined to have him for herself, Betty tricked him into marrying her instead. Now that she has the husband and big city society life she always wanted, is she living her dream, or a nightmare?

Prohibition is the law and women are fighting for the right to vote. Betty’s eyes are opened by the disparity between the lives of those around her and the immigrants living in the Minneapolis neighborhood known as Bohemian Flats. Exciting doors are opening for her out in the world away from her small hometown of Pine Lake, Wisconsin.

But at what cost?

Can Alice, Betty, and Lizzie’s friendship survive betrayal and a changing world? Watch for the third and final book, “Lizzie: The Secret”, in 2023.


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